What to do in your garden in April

Here are some jobs to do just now in the ornamental garden:-

  • Scrape away a layer of old compost of permanently potted plants and top dress with fresh compost;
  • Cut back perennials left with top growth over the winter;
  • Divide overcrowded clumps of herbaceous perennials and replant them;
  • Prepare ground for sowing a new lawn or repairing one as soon as the risk of frost has passed;
  • Redefine lawn edges with a sharp spade or half-moon cutter;
  • Start to mow the lawn on dry days (ensure the cutting blades are raised as high as possible for the first cuts);
  • Start to weed beds;
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs;
  • Prune coloured stemmed Cornus to encourage new growth;
  • Continue mulching borders with organic matter before growth starts bursting into life;
  • Feed shrubs and roses with an organic fertilizer to encourage them to thrive;
  • Tie in climbing and rambling roses, and other climbers that are putting on fresh growth;
  • As the soil is warming up – sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seed outdoors.
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