What to do in your garden in April

Top gardening jobs for April are to:-

  • Deadhead daffodils as the flowers fade;
  • Divide clumps of snowdrops and replant them as their flowers die back;
  • Freshen up patios and decks by washing them down with a pressure washer;
  • Place plant supports over perennials as they start to grow;
  • Plant hardy herbs outdoors – ideally by the kitchen door for easy cutting;
  • Clean and top up bird feeders;
  • Give your lawn a rake to remove all the dead material and give it a spring feed;
  • If you haven’t done so already, start to mow the lawn ensuring blades are raised high for first cuts;
  • Sow new lawns or repair bare patches;
  • Keep weeds under control by hand weeding, hoeing and mulching;
  • Start sowing summer bedding or buy in plug plants. Keep them in the greenhouse and pot on as necessary.
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